For years, my interests have evolved into two distinct categories, ie. music, and online marketing. And that is the way I treated each of them, separate and distinct from each other.

I felt developing a website dedicated to each of my interests also needed to be done and promoted separately and distinct from the other. This became very difficult at times. It was like giving attention to one part of me sacrificing the growth of the other.

My love for performing and creating music, emerged as a central part of my personal life. I especially enjoy teaching others the wonders of the music within themselves.The ukulele and my infatuation with its sound became my instrument of choice to accomplish this. At the same time, I continued my quest to develop an online business as well as help others do the same. 

So, I decided instead of keeping these important interests in my life separate, I would integrate them into one website, the "JohnRadice.com" website. Visitors can choose which best meets their interest. I no longer jump back and forth from one website to another. They're both here. You decide which one  meets your interest.

Here are the two major segments of the "JohnRadice.com" website:

1. Free Ukulele Lessons - This segment is dedicated to helping beginners learn to make music for FREE.

2. Make Money Online - This segment lets me share with others how they can develop an online business with little or no major investment. I share only what I am personally doing and is working for me.

These two sections of "JohnRadice.com" allow me to bring my two major interests under one umbrella, ie. JohnRadice.com.

It is my hope you find both also useful to you. 

Thanks for visiting JohnRadice.com.

John Radice

P.S. You are always welcome to contact me at johnradice@gmail.com